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Manual, A City for All, in now available in AUTOCAD and 3D google sketchup
July 11 of 2019
Available, and I authorize the downloading of the manual A CITY FOR ALL, in PDF, Autocad Version 2004, 2010 and Google sketchup, pages of PDF manual
Accessible building , you tube videos, real examples
July 10 of 2019

Disability is not Inability (PERU) We all have the same rights.

Vision of an accessible city

Details of a house wheelchair accessible

Schools, Universities, Deans, Teachers : The last Educational links....
July 09 of 2019
I invite a friend's house to eat. Once I arrive, I have wait outside while people are prepared to meet me and lift me up the stairs. During the meal do not drink fluids because it is likely that there is no bathroom on the first floor and, if any, my chair does not pass through the narrow gate
Colombian Engineers Asociation
Gomez-Pinzón Zuleta Lawyers